Why Filipino Women Make The Best Wife

It has been an open secret that the Filipino women are like hot cakes for those guys who are already thinking about settling down and finding someone to marry.  You are probably wondering why many husbands say that Filipino women make the best wife? The reason for that is because Filipino women have great attributes and characteristics which made them standout among other girls. It is a common knowledge that Filipina beauty is something you could not just brush off and ignore. However this article will dig deeper about the characteristics of the Filipino women that made them the best wife.

One great characteristic of the Filipino women is that they are educated people. Attaining college diploma has always been an important achievement for every Filipino woman. The pride they were able to attain in their accomplishments and graduating from the school is an essential aspect to the lives of the Filipinas. In fact, college enrollees of females exceed the number of male enrollees. There are more women who are earning college degrees in the Philippines thus resulting in more women professional in public and private sectors. Today, Filipino women usually hold important positions in the Philippines. Filipino women have been appointed as ambassadors, educators, Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices and chairman of different private and public companies.

Although Filipino women are educated and can achieve high positions in a company, they are still longing for someone to take care of them and someone they can submit themselves to. Filipino women are submissive by nature. They would choose to sacrifice their career for the sake of their family. If they have to choose between love and career, they would definitely choose love.

Another characteristic of Filipino women is that they are religious and God fearing. Generally, Filipinos were raised in the tradition of going to the church every Sunday. Being the only Christian nation with the highest number of people adhering to the word of God, it is common to the Filipino families to develop their relationship with God and raise their children attaining the religious the tradition. So, most of the Filipino women are devoted to the Lord and they make him their anchor and not money and power. And because of this developed close relationship with God, the Filipino women are accommodating to their husband. They are easy to get along with and are generally nice people.

Being exposed in the church teachings, the Filipino women also do not believe in divorce. The Philippines remains to be one of the countries that do not allow divorce. Because of being raised with high values of fidelity and honesty, Filipino women would stick to their husband and would try her best to maintain and preserve the marriage. So if you are looking for a lifetime relationship, choosing to marry Filipino women is the best choice for you. As long as you will stay faithful to your women, your Filipina wife will stay by your side no matter what.

Another benefit of being exposed to the church tradition, the Filipino women are family oriented. Serving the needs of her family is the first priority of Filipino women. Whether they are just plain housewife or career woman, they would make sure their kids are taken care of and they needs of their husbands are being met. Filipino women work tirelessly for the sake of her family, sometimes even after a work day in the office, she would hurriedly come home and cook dinner for the family.

A lot of beautiful Filipino women are even considered among the most beautiful women in the world because of their unique and exotic beauty. Filipino women are known worldwide because of their stunning beauty inside and out. They have extraordinary attitude and because of this, they are being admired by most men.





7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Filipina Women As A Bride

Filipino women are known to possess a beauty that can impress men from around the world. But that beauty does not end from the physical appearance rather it is the start of deeper and more desirable traits. It only strengthens the image that is being portrayed and seen on the outside.

Filipino women generally stay true to their traditional traits, all of which makes them for a promising bride-to-be for any men. The values that Filipino women give to what they have learned as they grow help them become excellent wives and mothers.

Below are some of the best traits of a Filipino woman that will definitely appeal to the opposite gender.

Passionate. Generally, Filipinos are passionate at whatever they do. Same is true when it comes to Filipino women. They can become very passionate about a thing that they love or believe in. The great part is that Filipino women are not afraid to show it. They will not hide their true feelings and will express it intensely.

Understanding. Filipino women are very patient and almost always try to resolve things in diplomatic ways. They never like being pushed into arguments and would rather avoid it at any cost. They always believe that no matter how big a problem is, it can always be solved in a peaceful manner. Filipino women are good listeners, thus making them a very good companion in tough times.

Thoughtful. “It’s the thought that counts.” Filipino women never forget anything that they hold dear to them. Be it a simple occasion, to birthdays and anniversaries. They always show that they care even just by doing little things. With a Filipino wife, every special moment will be remembered and celebrated.

Family-Oriented. Every man would want their partner to have strong family ties. To Filipinos, family is always the first when it comes to anything. This makes sure that your family will be in good hands and can be rest assured that it is receiving the best possible care it can. The caring and supportive nature of Filipino women show strong with this trait.

Hard-working. Many Filipino women are hard-working. It is a very common Filipino women characteristic that foreign men admire most. Being dedicated to something means that success is inevitable in the future. Foreign men just love how Filipino women are able to keep up with whatever task they are given. If you are going to marry, why not marry someone who is bound to be successful?

Resourceful. Filipino women know how to adapt to any problem that they encounter. They know how to maximize the resources that they have at hand and in the end they can solve the problem with style and elegance. They can do their responsibilities well as a mother and as a wife no matter how hard the situation may be.

Loyal. Nobody wants someone who is unfaithful. Loyalty to their husbands is one trait that Filipino women stick to even after their husbands’ death. Filipino women believe strongly in monogamy. This alone is a trust winner for many foreign men and makes a Filipino woman the best wife in the world.

These are just some of the best characteristics that men would find on many Filipino women. The appeal of Filipino women is not only shown through their stunning outer beauty but, it is strongly supported and made better with these traits that you won’t find in any other women. Choosing Filipino women can be the best choice that you will ever make in your life and it will manifest on how better your life will be after she comes in.



Why Filipino Women Prefer Foreign Men

Nowadays, there are so many men from the North America and even Europe that would travel across the globe just to ask for the hand of a Filipino woman. Filipino women have a lot in them that makes them a very good candidate for wife and mother-of-children roles of many men.

We can start with their mysterious beauty that is a product of mixture of different races including the Spanish, Chinese, and even Japanese. They showcase beauty that can never be found elsewhere. Then add in those great qualities that will only make them the better choice if you are looking for a partner in life. Foreign men can never deny the unique warmth and care that the Filipino woman can give them. And it is only the start of a long list of admirable traits of a Filipino woman.

But looking on the other side of the story, what makes a young Filipino woman marry an old foreign man? Is it just the money that they are after? Or is it something that will help them achieve self-realization?

Here are the major reasons why Filipino women commit themselves to foreign partners.

Getting married to a man from foreign country would make a Filipino woman’s life better in every aspect. Let’s face it, money is the primary motivator for many people. This kind of mentality is more prevalent in Third-world countries such as the Philippines. They see foreign men as the golden ticket to the Promise land and their union with these men is the one that closes the deal.

Filipino women love anything that comes from another country and that includes persons as well. This way of thinking came from the inferiority complex that Filipinos have developed ever since they were under the Spanish rule back in the 1600’s. They always see themselves lesser than foreign people. This leads to the mindset that foreign objects or persons are always good if not better than those that are found in the Philippines natively.

Filipino women view foreign men as “better looking” than the local men. This is also based from the “inferiority-complex” mindset. Most Filipino women want their husbands to be tall, has a white complexion, and a tall nose. These characteristics are what might be thought as what the local Filipino men are lacking when it comes to the physical appearance department. An average Filipino man has a height of 1.5-1.6m, has a fair-dark complexion and most of all, “low-bridged” nose. With that being said, foreign man can effortlessly become the apple of their eyes.

For Filipino women, foreign men offer something new to the table. This is a deal that adventurous women can never pass up. Aside from the thought that foreign men will change their lives for better, the exciting idea of being somewhere other than their own country, experiencing the joys of life, and learning new things are deal sweetener that would make Filipino women have a bite at the apple.

A taste of better life all-in-all is what one can sum up out of all of these. It isn’t too hard to see, especially if you know how life is in a third-world country.

Everybody’s ultimate goal in life is self-realization. We all do our best and whatever it takes, no matter what the cost is, just to fulfill the deep desire to feel happy. For many Filipino women, they feel and think that marrying a man from a wealthy country would make their lives better. They view the marriage as the key to the happiness that they’ve been searching for.


Myths About Online Filipino Dating

Today, there are a lot of famous Filipino dating sites which have been visited by a lot of men from different countries. The demand for online Filipino dating sites have vastly increased and each year the demand keeps on increasing, that is why it would be safe to say that the phenomenon of the online dating sites have changed the dating and social habits of more millions of people. So, if you find Filipino women attractive but have not gone to any Filipino online dating sites and registered then you probably believe one or two myths about dating Filipino women online. There have been myths about Filipino women online which have been circulating the internet world for a time now so let’s discuss those myths.

The Myth: Joining Filipino Online Dating Sites Makes You Desperate

Well, that is not true. Meeting someone online is not desperate at all especially with today’s economy. There are a lot of job losses in every company and of course you need to work harder in order to protect your job. So dating someone and having a social life for now seems impossible. Meeting someone online is not desperate; it’s actually convenient and helpful for busy people to at least have someone to talk to. It is also time efficient since let’s face it, if you are a guy and you will go visit a bar to find someone then it would probably take you about 4 or 5 visits to have someone give you their real phone number and would want you to call them. If you are lucky you might be able to get one on your first try but still it is time consuming. So if you think about it, joining an online dating website, creating a good profile and browsing some profile and trying to find the right one would take about less than an hour or so.

The Myth: You Can’t Possibly Develop Feeling For Someone Far Away

It is not that hard to develop feelings for someone you do not see and be with everyday. If that person understands you and talks to you everyday, there is no way you would not develop any fondness to that person. Communication is the key to every relationship to be successful whether you are together everyday or you are in a long distance. There must be good understanding of each other. Filipino women are known for their understanding, patience and they are easy to get along with, so creating a relationship with good communication with them is not that hard. They are friend and good in creating a good atmosphere.

The Myth: It Is Easier To Cheat Since We Don’t See Each Other Everyday

There is a high possibility that would happen if you will meet other women. However if you will be meeting Filipino women then you do not need to worry. One of the best traits of Filipino women is that they are loyal to the one they love. Filipino women are loyal and if they are really committed to their partner, you would never be cheated on. As long as you will spend time with her and will show her that you love her she would stay loyal to you.

Today, the relationship between two people is not that complicated at all. You can even find someone with common interest with you within a few minutes. Signing up in a Filipino dating site is not a bad idea because it can give you convenience and ability to look for someone with the same interests as you easily.

What You Need To Know For Your First Date With A Filipino Woman

Philippines, even during these modern times, is still governed by the traditional norms that has passed on since the earliest generations. They still hold value to the old beliefs that has guided them for centuries. This is because of the Chinese ancestry of the modern Filipinos.

These values are still expected out of everybody by the society. Filipino women are still expected the lady-like manners and attitudes. So dating a Filipino woman can be quite tricky the first time if you don’t know the Filipino culture. Although they might seem the obvious, it still pays to know them well, so you can have a successful first date.

Here are some of the most important things to remember and be prepared for.

Ask for permission and introduce yourself properly. Filipino women are taken care of by their parents like children even if they are grown-ups already. The parents never cease to look after their children, so it is right to ask the parents of your date for the permission of going out. Never forget to introduce yourself properly.

Practice those gentleman skills of yours. This starts by showing up a bit earlier than the agreed time and more importantly, bringing home your date on time again. Always make sure that she is comfortable and never put her in an awkward position. Being chivalrous is a big plus and would easily win the Filipino women’s heart. This can be done with simple moves like assisting your date with opening the doors.

Be the life of the date. Filipino women are mostly reserved, yet they have their adventurous side that wants to explore something new. Know how to entertain your date but not to the extent of being too flamboyant. Keep her interests on whatever both of you are talking about and never leave her a dull moment. Get to know her better and show your appreciation at her good qualities.

Be honest and don’t even pull out tricks. When you get to the part of starting to know each other, just be yourself and be honest. Honesty will get you far, and would likely make your date more understanding and considerate. Never tell lies just to impress your date. Filipino women can only give you their trust if they sense that you are a trustworthy person. You make that happen by being honest. Dating a Filipino woman does not require extravagant things, they can be easily be impressed with even just a little yet meaningful.

Be sensitive. Giving your date quality moments on your first meet up can be done by keeping her interests. But it’s also better to know when to give your date the space, as being with someone whom you’ve never been with may not be so easy at first. The first date is all about being comfortable with each other and starting to become acquainted. If you are going to really pursue your date into something more serious, you might want to lay the foundation strong.

Some might be intimidated by the details that they need to go through just pull the first date properly. But paying respects to a Filipino woman’s beliefs and traditions will earn you their trust the quickest way possible. It may seem all too complicated, but the Filipino women’s beliefs are based on simple dos and don’ts in life.

The first date will become the first step to something much more meaningful and deeper to follow, and that will only happen if you do everything right and made something wonderful out of your date.

Is Filipino Women For You?

Men from around the world have different preferences when it comes to choosing the woman of their life. This preference maybe rooted from the one’s own culture, set of beliefs, and even religion. But one thing is for sure, as diverse as it may be, there will be always those characteristics every man will consider when finding their ideal partner.

The interest for Asian women as a bride has grown lately. Now that everything can be searched on the internet, it has become easier for anyone to quickly pacify their growing curiosity for exotic Asian beauty. Filipino women are among those that display a beauty that can sway the world. The extraordinary beauty is an amalgam of different races that have visited, lived, and ruled the Philippines.

But physical beauty aside, the good qualities of the Filipino women continues down to their inner characteristics and traits. If ever you are a fan of the Filipino beauty, you should know the other aspects of the Filipino women that you will deal with once you decided that you want them as a wife, and mother of your children.

Filipino women are strong, able to adapt to the problems, and resilient. Most Filipino women are raised facing the difficulties in life of someone living in a Third-world country. Given this, Filipino women gain the skills of being able to use whatever resources they have in order to get out of the problem in one piece. This makes most Filipino women emotionally strong, able to face tough situations that would send the emotionally-weak into a depressed state. What emerges from these situations is a Filipino woman that can withstand hard conditions and recover easily.

Filipino women have strong family ties. This is a typical characteristic not only to women but also to Filipino men. The Filipino women, having the heart of a mother, will always value the family’s welfare first before anything else. They would value a strong family relationship and marriage over money. Another thing about this trait is that marriage does not usually end the ties of the daughter to her parents. In the Philippines, a household is commonly consisted of the nuclear family (husband, wife, and children) along with the extended family (parents of either husband or wife and sometimes brothers and sisters of husband or wife). This is sometimes a deal breaker for most men, but if it’s fine with you then you will experience the joy of being a Filipino family.

Filipino women are mostly conservative and stay true to the values that they have grown to believe. Having a strong Chinese roots, Filipino women often carry, believe, and live by the traditional values. It is rare for a Filipino woman to stray out of what they believe and hold true when deciding on a certain matter.

Filipino women are religious. Again, this might push away some foreign men as most Filipino women will stay with their birth religion up to their deathbeds. Traditionally, the man should even be converted to the woman’s religion as a sign of his acceptance and respect for her. It is also highly likely that the Filipino bride would ask of a decent church wedding.

Filipino Dating Customs: Advices On How To Win Her Heart

The traditional dating customs in the Philippines is described as indirect and more subdued compared to the Western dating cultures. The dating culture in the Philippines involves stages and phases before you finally have the right to call her your girlfriend. Although companionship has already been imminent in the dating scene in the Philippines, mostly of the Filipino women still want to undergo the courtship stage where the guy will prove to her that his love is sincere and he’s worth it. The right to call her your girlfriend is earned when she said yes, in the Filipino culture it goes by the phrase “matamis na oo” which can be translated as the Filipino women saying yes sweetly to the guy as a way of accepting his love.

Although the right to call her your girlfriend is still earned, as long as you are sincere, you do not need to worry. Just by merely showing your sincerity will help you win her heart successfully. So what do you need to do to make her heart melt and eventually say yes to you? Here are some tips and advices which would greatly help you win her heart.

Well, first let’s start with the simplest advice, say your intention immediately. As soon as you realized that you have feelings for her, simply saying “I Like You” or “I Love You” would not help you convey your intention clearly. She might even think that you probably say “I Love You” to any woman you like. After some time of creating a good and interactive communication with her, find a great timing to say you want to get to know her more and want her to be your girlfriend. This is important because if you do not clear your intention immediately, you might end up being friendzoned by that woman. So ask her if it is okay for you to court her, normally if you have already created a good communication with her and she is single, she would say yes and you can go ahead and win her heart. But if she says no, then she might not be interested.

There are a lot of things you can do to make Filipino woman fall for you. Filipino girls like to be wooed and pursued. She likes it when you really take the time to make her feel that you always think of her. Leaving cute messages like “I miss you” in her email, skype or facebook messages would definitely make her smile. If you are even serious about her, sending her some cute letters or something you know she likes via snail mail would make her sort of be emotionally attached to you. It’s not that Filipino women are materialistic; it is about making her feel that you are attentive to whatever she says and seeing you exerted some effort to send the things she likes to her would greatly make her happy.

Another thing that Filipino women would immediately notice is how you treat her family. This may even be a make or break for you. If you sincerely love her and you would want to win her heart, show some respect and love to her family. Filipino women are family oriented, so treat her family nicely and be kind to them. Filipino families are big families! Filipino family does not only include immediate ones like her mother, father and siblings. The family also includes grandmother, grandfather, cousins, aunts, uncles and sometimes even the family friends who are neighbors of their family. You have to be nice to all those people, if you do not want to, at least do not be rude towards them.

There are a lot of things you could still do so that the Filipino girl would fall for you, but as long as you are sincere and true to your feelings for her it would eventually give you results. Do not worry, although there are some dating customs in the Philippines, as long as she feels that you love her, she would fall for you.